Getting To Know Us

What We Value

Over the years particular aspects of living as Christians have become important to us. What we include is not necessarily unique to this church but we hope that it offers a sense of the ethos of our fellowship.

What is a Congregational Church?

A “Congregational” church? What’s that?  A short answer: Christians who have joined themselves together to worship God and encourage one another to live according to Christ’s teachings. A longer answer . . .

What Should a Church Look Like?

Some people think a church should be large and awe-inspiring, like the great, magnificent cathedrals of Europe.  Others envision the white-steepled meetinghouse of a small New England town.  Some might even consider our small, converted storefront as representing the true picture of a church. It's understandable that when we hear the word "church" we think of a building.  But, in truth, a church is not a building . . .