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Recommended Reading


Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC)
The denomination to which we belong. The CCCC is a theologically conservative denomination believing in the autonomy of each local church under the Headship of Christ. 

National Pro-life Religious Council (NPRC)
A coalition of Christian denominations and ministries that bear witness to the Christian church's historic commitment to life. 


The Gospel Coalition

A "fellowship of evangelical churches in the Reformed tradition deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures."

Links For Study

Bible: English Standard Version (ESV)
Our church uses the ESV. Here is a site at which you can read it online.

The Cambridge Platform
While it had little to do with matters of doctrine and belief, the Cambridge Platform was a declaration of principles of church government and discipline, forming a constitution of the Congregational churches in New England. It was adopted by a church synod held at Cambridge, MA, in 1648, and continues to offer helpful direction concerning of the nature and government of churches.

The Savoy Declaration
This is the congregationalist's edition of the famous Westminster Confession of Faith. In our humble opinion, they corrected the things that needed to be corrected . . .

People Who Help Us Think

Gersham Machen - Christian Scholarship and Evangelism

"I wonder when we shall have that revival of learning which we so much need, and which I verily believe might be, in the providence of God, as was the Renaissance of the fifteenth century, the precursor of a reformation in the church . . ."

C.S. Lewis - The Weight of Glory
"We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased . . ."


C.S. Lewis - Learning in a Time of War

A sermon preached in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, Autumn, 1939
"A University is a society for the pursuit of learning. As students, you will be expected to make yourselves, or to start making yourselves, in to what the Middle Ages called clerks: into philosophers, scientists, scholars, critics, or historians. And at first sight this seems to be an odd thing to do during a great war. What is the use of beginning a task which we have so little chance of finishing? Or, even if we ourselves should happen not to be interrupted by death or military service, why should we -- indeed how can we -- continue to take an interest in these placid occupations when the lives of our friends and the liberties of Europe are in the balance? Is it not like fiddling while Rome burns?"


Jonathan Edwards - Christian Charity

"Tis the most absolute and indispensable duty of a people of God to give bountifully and willingly for the supply of the wants of the needy." Edwards treatment of our obligations to those around us exhibits his customary clarity and faithful (and convicting) exposition of Scripture.

John Piper - The Fall of Satan and the Victory of Christ
This sermon, preached by the Rev. John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN, is a concise and very encouraging treatment of the nature of Satan's promotion of evil in the world. Though the devil exercises power, it is under God's sovereignty and serves God's good and gracious, though at times mysterious, purposes.

Things To Read

These are documents that shed light on the salvation so graciously offered to sinful human beings. Though written by a couple of dead, white, Euro-centric males, they still have a lot to say.


Martin Luther - The Freedom of a Christian

"A Christian man is the most free lord of all, and subject to none; a Christian man is the most dutiful servant of all, and subject to every one - Although these statements appear contradictory, yet, when they are found to agree together, they will make excellently for my purpose . . ."


George Whitfield - An Answer to Mr. Wesley
"I think it my duty to bear an humble testimony, and earnestly to plead for the truths which, I am convinced, are clearly revealed in the Word of God. In the defense whereof I must use great plainness of speech, and treat my dearest friends upon earth with the greatest simplicity, faithfulness, and freedom, leaving the consequences of all to God . . ."

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